Our company has a prepared staff with more than seven years of experience in the field of arts and entertainment, and we guarantee that your event will be full of fantasy.


To be the number one company offering a variety of quality artistic services with reasonable prices, good treatment and personalized attention.


To work day by day with our artists and collaborators to offer a quality entertainment service with professionalism, excellent presentation and above all, guaranteed responsibility.

Our Services

We have a wide variety of characters and wardrobes as well as the best and most qualified group of artists.

Normal Stilts and Stilts with Four Legs

The people in stilts liven up a party in a peculiar way. They dance with the guests and make your party spectacular. We can adapt to any type of environment from carnivals to traditional Costa Rican music to live music or discos. You can also use the people in stilts to give out flyers or welcome guests among other things.


You can use jugglers to welcome guests to the reception room, and they can juggle with different objects such as nails, balls, knives, flags and chains and they can use unicycles. Jugglers are interactive characters that can be used in shows or parades. We also have clown jugglers who have more dynamic personalities oriented toward interactive comedy.

Lanza llamas

They are jugglers that use fire to create a stupendous spectacle to achieve a great first impression for the guests as they arrive to the event. Human dragons will light up your activity breathing and juggling fire using top safety measures.

Live statues

These characters are a decorative element that fill the atmosphere with fantasy. They draw the attention of those present with their magical costumes, and artistic and mental discipline by staying in one place for a prolonged amount of time without moving, and by reacting with subtle movements to the motivation of the spectator.


Our mimes interact with the guests during gaps of time before an activity or party begins and with their body language they capture people’s attention and make this time become fun. Along with the traditional mime dressed in black and white we also offer the personification of the legendary and admired Charlie Chaplin.

Aerial Tissue

Arerial tissue is an alternative to entertainment during quiet moments of the party and it creates another magical moment. You can use one or many acrobats if you would like with live music including instruments such as saxaphones, clarinets, flutes or violins. This is recommended during dinner time because it is when guests can appreciate it best.

Urban Show

If you would like a hip show recommended for a young crowd we have the best urban show with the best break dancers in the country.


What for many is the happiest moment of the party would be without doubt an unforgettable moment with us. With our many options such as carnivals or traditional music and dance parties we will make the guests enjoy the event fully with the presence of stilts, masquerades and dancers according to your likes or needs.


We also offer a big variety of choreographed acts in some of the most popular genres like break dance, flamenco, tango, ballet, jazz, mainstream dance and Costa Rican folklore.

Other Services

Apart from the services already mentioned we also offer:

-Sandwich service
-Masquerade and traditional music and dance
-Master of Ceremonies
-Videotaping services
-Face painting
-Organization of cultural events and fairs
-Balloon animals
-Traditional games

We also offer the assembly of a complete show with the combination of the aforementioned characters of your selection and adaptation of the show and costumes to the theme of the party using elements such as black lights and fireworks.